How do I contact Gopher State Storage?

If you wish to contact us, you can either fill out the contact form on our website, call (218) 847-1313 or email DL@StateStorageGroup.com. Our team is happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

What are access hours?

Our access hours at Gopher State Storage Detroit Lakes are 6AM to 10PM for all tenants. Under certain circumstances, IE operating a business we offer 24 hour access, but this is based on an individual basis.

Do I need to bring my own lock?

Yes you are required to supply your own lock. We recommend using circular disc combination locks so you never forget a key. Safe and secure!

Do you offer prepay discounts?

Yes, if you pay six months in advance you receive a 5% discount and if you pay a year in advance you receive a 10% discount

Is your facility gated or do you have security?

Gopher Sate Storage Detroit Lakes is fenced and gated with electronic pin codes that are unique to each tenant. We have 24/7 recording video surveillance and LED lighting to light and monitor across the entire Detroit Lakes Storage site to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

Do you offer military or senior discounts?

If you can present a valid military ID or senior citizen card we offer a 5% discount for either category.

Is there a contract or is it month to month?

All of our state storage locations operate on a month to month contract; however, if you pay 6 months or a year in advance we do offer discount and savings incentives. 

Should I use temperature controlled or non-climate controlled storage?

If you are storing valuables, expensive furniture, clothing, fabric materials and items of similar materials we would recommend using temperature controlled storage to prevent any humidity or freezing issues. Tools, vehicles, outdoors items, general household goods can easily be stored in drive up non climate controlled self storage

Are my goods insured while at Gopher State Storage?

Just like your personal belongings that you have in a rented apartment, your property is not automatically insured, therefore, the answer is: No. 

You must insure your property as you would insure your property in the apartment. We may offer renter's insurance but you don't have to purchase insurance from us. Similar to when renting an apartment, if the apartment building burns down, the owner has insurance to replace the building BUT the owner's insurance does not cover your property. Renter's insurance for the property you store with us can easily be added to your homeowner's or renter’s insurance policy for little cost. We strongly recommend that you insure your property stored with us. 

It is mandatory that you insure your property if the value of the property stored exceeds $5,000 in value.

How big of a storage unit do I need?

There is no general rule for the size of storage you will need, but here is a general guideline to help you understand sizing needs: 
  • 5x10 - one bedroom
  • 10x10 - one to two bedroom apartment or small office space
  • 10x20 - 2 bedroom home
  • 10x30 - 3 bedroom home

What type of items are not allowed in my storage unit?

Great question and often overlooked, if you use common sense, you are probably OK. Of course, explosives and anything flammable, odorous, noxious, corrosive, hazardous or polluting can't be stored. Nothing illegal, no animals, drugs/alcohol, etc. No food by any means! We do not want to attract any varmints or insects! If we notice food in a unit, we will cut your lock, remove and throw food out. 
Notice: don't store anything that can't be replaced like important papers and family heirlooms. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Your lease will specifically state that you won't store these types of items because we do not want to be responsible in any way for the loss of your cherished things. Your important and cherished things need to be stored where you live. There are specialty storage places where you can store these sort of items and they are very expensive and for that very reason. That is why we do not allow you to store items that can't be replaced. 

 We don't allow storing property in excess of $5,000 without notifying us and providing proof of insurance for the amount being stored.